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California City Requires Concealment

Royal Farms TPNo one wants to see a cell tower in their back yard. Sure, the signal is great, but who wants something like that blocking a beautiful view? I know I don’t. But what if you didn’t know it was there?

The city of Yountville, CA approved an ordinance this week that requires all cell towers to be concealed. In other words, they must be disguised as buildings, trees, and other objects that allow them to blend in with their environment. Naturally, this is something that we’re passionate about here at STEALTH®, so we’re very excited for the residents of Yountville!

According to a recent article, anything that is not installed in an existing building or cupola must be painted or covered to match the structure that it is mounted to. These additions to existing buildings will mimic the architecture of the structure, including exterior details and color.

STEALTH Eastern Regional Sales Manager Chris Hills states that a camouflaged transmitter can range from a single neighborhood to a mile and a half.  All of a sudden, the idea of having a cell tower in your backyard doesn’t sound so bad after all, does it?

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