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Check Out The Drone Footage Of This Canadian Rooftop Install

November 5th, 2019

Go ahead and press play below. The 180-degree aerial views of this installation are not what we’re used to seeing from the ground every day. But in newly, or quickly, developing areas like this one, the last thing you want to do is have exposed antennas. With plenty of new residents in this community, they’ll certainly need the wireless coverage.

That’s where Raycap | STEALTH comes in. When a rooftop concealment is the way to go, we have the products that allow antennas to go unnoticed. This is true especially in residential communities, like this one in Alberta, Canada, where the government regulations on installing telecommunications equipment are very strict. Let the Raycap | STEALTH team help you work past those challenges with concealment solutions for every need.

Reach out to your local sales representative to discuss your next deployment or visit our resources page to learn more about Raycap | STEALTH products. 

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