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The New Generation of Integrated Small Cell Poles for 5G

January 13th, 2020

5G mmWave network deployment will depend largely on small cell street poles to meet coverage requirements in dense urban areas. Next-generation small cell poles combine and conceal all the 5G/4G electronics, power and cable infrastructure needed to create a compact, attractive small cell site. Through scalable manufacturing, testing and fast turnaround times, these “integrated poles” can reduce time-to-deployment, simplify installation and make it easier to upgrade.

To help carriers, tower companies and A&E firms understand the capabilities of integrated small cell poles, Raycap has produced this tech paper, “A New Generation of Integrated Poles for 5G Small Cell Infrastructure – Capabilities and Requirements.” Download now to understand:

  • The role of integrated poles in urban deployments,
  • The components of integrated poles,
  • How 5G small cell radios and antennas can be concealed using InvisiWave™
  • Manufacturing and installation considerations, and
  • Other options for antenna concealment that complement small cell poles.

Small cell poles will form the backbone of 5G deployments in municipalities and having them delivered already integrated to specification just makes sense. Raycap is helping to define this new generation of products, building on its pioneering STEALTH RF concealment solutions as well as decades of proven expertise in protection, connectivity and integration solutions for telecom.

To stay at the leading edge of this fast-growing segment, visit our Integrated Small Cell Pole page and download our new tech paper. Or contact Raycap today to talk to us about how integrated small cell poles can streamline your next 5G project.


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